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Our Ethical Policy.

  • We pride ourselves on responsible sourcing and our commitment to high ethical standards of our supply chain. We require complete transparency from all suppliers, with regard to sourcing, working conditions, working practices, and employee welfare.
  • Honesty is a core value of Ushiwear, Clothing a value we expect to be demonstrated by the people that produce our products. Our designers and buyers make frequent trips to the suppliers to check on working conditions, environmental impact and welfare of those working in the factories that produce Ushiwear Clothing products.
  • We support our suppliers and factories, providing good quality jobs to their local communities, paying particular attention to workers health, safety and quality of life.

WEB SITE USAGE can’t take responsibility for any damages, compensatory, indirect, consequential or direct, data loss, income, profit, property loss or damage and third party claims implied or otherwise when using this website. Availability of Products Ushiwear updates the stock availability continuously. In the event of a product being unavailable after an order has been placed, you will be notified and either offered a replacement item or given the option to cancel the unavailable item from your order, we aim to do this within 3 working days. Information Accuracy This web site is regularly updated. We put every effort into updating website information, product descriptions, prices, photos and other information. We try to ensure all information and images are correct, if you find any information is incorrect we apologise, these are genuine mistakes. If brought to our attention we will strive to correct any errors. If you buy any products from us based on wrong information we will replace or refund the product so long as it is unused. While every effort is made to ensure that accurate pricing and descriptions are maintained, we reserve the right to decline orders if they are based on inaccurate information by either party.; All website content belongs to Ushiwear Clothing Ltd and may not be copied without express permission and/or written consent.