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Ushiwear – The Site Awakens

You may have noticed that we’ve been undergoing a few *minor* changes of late, and whilst it’s certainly keeping us on the busy side, we wanted to keep you updated!

Firstly, keen eyed passers-by will have seen that our Mirfield HQ is being subjected to some heavy duty refurbishment; fans of our designs will have spotted the odd teaser tweet on social media about our new line preparing to launch, and regular visitors to our website will already be aware that we’re in the midst of a major facelift!

And although it seems like a lot to be taking on all at once (typical us, huh?), it seemed the logical approach for Team Ushi to don our war paint and go at it full speed – after all, we’re nothing if not adventurous!

Where our website is concerned, our goal has been to create something that optimises a customer’s experience of Ushiwear, whilst also displaying our products with the flair they deserve. Tom and I have spent countless hours looking for inspiration from some of our favourite brands, as well as from the way that the team here and the wider Ushi tribe like to live our lives.

The vibe we’re aiming for is really clean, simple and easy to use – we want customers to browse with ultimate ease and enjoy spending time on our site, and to really see the stories behind each product. So although we’re not ready to reveal our new image just yet, we promise it’ll be worth it when we do!

In the interim, however, if you just can’t wait to get your Ushi-fix be sure to head over to our existing website and snap up some of our favourite pieces whilst they’re here! Alternatively, you can pop into our temporary premise at 10 Lowland’s Road (WF14, 8LX) to take advantage of some incredible discounts!


Thank you to all of our amazing customers who have supported us and allowed us to be able to take our brand to the next level – we cannot wait to show you what’s coming up next for Ushiwear…

Love Jilly x