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Ushiwear: The Next Chapter

Since we started putting designs together in our garage at home nine years ago, we’ve experienced some huge changes here at Ushiwear: changing faces, our very own shop in Mirfield, pop-ups and events across the country and – most importantly – seeing huge demand from people across the world wanting to #WearDifferent.

2017 is a new era for Ushi: the same quality and vibe you’d expect from our Brilliantly British brand, but with a new, “contemporary” twist – with an entirely refreshed website, a 100% handmade collection and…a completely new shop.

Don’t worry! We’ll still be at 54 Calder Road in Mirfield, but we decided it’s finally time to give our beloved shop the revamp it deserves.

Starting with the overhaul of our basement area; we’ve decided to move all of our machinery and the office downstairs, where Ushi fans can wander down and explore the process of how Ushi products go from concept to creation. This in-turn will create more room upstairs for our new clothing range – which I’ll come to in just a minute – and plenty of browsing room for our visitors to look, try on and strut their Ushi style.

It isn’t just the inside that’s going to see an overhaul, the exterior is going to be wood panelling to reflect our roots and why we started Ushi in the first place; to showcase our love for adventure and the great outdoors.

As you can imagine, this isn’t going to be an overnight process where we close our days one day as Ushiwear and re-open the very next as Ushi 2.0 – we’re anticipating to be out of our usual residence for just under two months, to allow for the workers to do their work and for us to do ours.

Our temporary workstation will be 10 Lowland’s Road, Mirfield (WF14 8LX) – where we’ll continue to create and work on our products to keep the website functioning with orders – and our trusty Ushi trailer will be stationed in the car park, so you can still pay us a visit and pick up your Ushiwear goodies. If you don’t catch sight of our lovely trailer, give us a call or ring the doorbell and we’ll be out quick as a flash to meet you.

4 days on. Plaster is off. Plaster board is gone. Nails in the roof are to be seen no more and the flags have started to come up! We hope you're liking these panoramic updates 😏

Posted by Ushiwear Clothing on Wednesday, March 8, 2017

To go with our new shop, we’ll be revamping our website to give it a much better vibe; with shorter loading times, cool graphics and a wave of brand new products.

So what is this new collection?! I hear you cry. We’re currently working on something entirely new and original – a clothing line which is 100% handmade by us in our workshop, with a contemporary and modern feel which we hope will give the whole of Ushi a “premium” feel. We’re experimenting with new fabrics, new shapes and styles, new colours and new techniques – so it’s really worth waiting for.

Sadly, we can’t share any details with you just yet – but keep an eye on our Instagram for updates, sneak previews and the odd giveaway…

We hope to be back at our all-new shop by mid-May, just as the sunny season arrives to give us plenty of chance to #WearDifferent when we’re out and about.

Thank you to everyone who has enabled us to make this happen – every purchase, Facebook Like and Twitter Follow has helped us get to where we are today and we can’t wait to share it with you come May!

Love Jilly x