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Ushiwear: Like a (em)BOSS

Here at Ushiwear HQ we’ve been spending a lot of time planning for the next chapter of our story, and from the response we’ve had from all of our fab friends and fans on social media it looks like you are all ready to see what we have in store!

Well, in addition to a totally new product range designed by yours truly and our design assistant Tom, we’re also delighted to announce that we are starting to experiment with the art of embossing.

It all started when we saw someone in Mirfield wearing an embossed jumper and were blown away with how effortlessly cool it looked. We decided then and there that we wanted to investigate this design practice further for our own Ushi line, and it all spiralled from there really.

Embossing is a technique by which images and patterns are created on the surface of a product through the application of heat and pressure; it adds a 3D element to the design, which adds so much depth and individuality without overcrowding from other materials or patterns.

Over the past month or so Tom has spent countless hours researching techniques, ideas, inspiration and fabrics for us to progress our work into the next stage.

We’re in the process of sourcing materials and looking at the best ways to really embossing to the advantage of our brand, but most importantly we’re on the hunt for an embossing specialist to work with moving forward.

As many of you will know we’re incredibly passionate about keeping our suppliers and partners clost to home, so if anyone knows of any companies in this sector based in Yorkshire or surrounding areas, we would love to hear from you!

Needless to say once we’ve found ‘the one’, we’ll be sure to keep you all updated – and we’ll even share more sneak peaks and previews on our social media feeds and our blog! So keep your eyes peeled for updates – we promise they’ll come soon!

We really hope you all love it as much as we’re loving working on it.

Love Jilly x