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Ushi by the Sea

Anyone who knows us here at Ushi HQ will know that we are always up for an adventure. Whether it’s packing up the camper van and heading to Glastonbury to collect discarded tents to turn into coats, or setting off in torrential rain to set up stall at a show in a (inevitably very muddy) field in the middle of nowhere.

And so, true to form, our designer Tom recently decided to embark on one such adventure by preparing a good ol’ British pack up and heading to the seaside… in the middle of January!

His journey seaward started after he stumbled across some of the stunning images of artwork spanning Crosby Beach in Liverpool. After a little research he learnt that it was the work of sculptor Antony Gormley that filled the landscape, and before we knew it he was off on the 140 mile round trip to see the statues for himself.

Now as it was still January, and a bitterly cold one at that, we made sure that packed all his Ushiwear favourites before hitting the road – including the Ushi Reflective Cycle Jacket, Cable Bobble and Magenta Zoodie.

Not one to miss a trick, it wasn’t long before Tom realised that he was in the ideal location to do a mini photoshoot – combining the incredible location with just the right lighting to take a few snapshots of our products in action!

And luckily for Tom, the 40 mph winds were also no match for our trusty Ushi gear!

We always try and take inspiration from the art around us and make sure we put art into everything that we do here at Ushi…and it turns out the beach was a perfect location for an impromptu photoshoot! Maybe we’ll wait for the sunshine before going again, though.

Keep your eyes on our Facebook, Twitter & Instagram for more images of the shoot.

Love Jilly x