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So here’s the stitch…

This month, myself Tom and the rest of the Ushi production team have been working incredibly hard to bring our new range one step closer to being released to the world, reaching the all-important major milestone of confirming our new branding; a refreshed, very clean and utterly sharp logo to bring us into 2017.

As most of you already know, designer Tom joined us back in 2016 as a designer to work closely with me on the upcoming range for Ushiwear, and it wasn’t long before he made himself a truly integral part of our day-to-day.

Let’s face it, he’s incredibly cool and brings so much to the table in terms of the latest fashion trends, what’s going on in the industry and how to speak to the younger generation and how to attract a younger market to Ushi.

Our new stitching is a breakthrough for Ushi’s development, it marks a new era for us. Tom has worked so hard to showcase our heritage with a fresh twist which is where using Roman numerals to show our founding year came from. He wanted clean and sharp lines and thought the soft nature of numbers took way from his vision.

It’s no surprise our team have got that Friday Feeling after such an awesome, productive week putting together our new stitching for our upcoming range – how wicked does this look?! 👌

Posted by Ushiwear Clothing on Friday, June 9, 2017

We fell in love with it straight away and decided it captured everything we wanted to show of our development and journey.

The images we’ve released SO FAR are just from Tom’s tests on some jumpers and t-shirts; but we’re hoping to incorporate it onto all of our products very soon.

We’re so proud of our entire team and all the time, effort and energy they’re putting into bringing Ushi into its next phase – we couldn’t have done it without them!

Our focus remains very much on creating our brand new range and you can expect some oversized jumpers, camo prints and plenty of fresh new cuts, looks and styles to be released very soon.

In the meantime, some of our most beloved Ushiwear pieces are available on our website for a limited 10% off – grab them while you can!


Love Jilly x