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Developing Ushiwear Women

Originally Ushiwear was developed as a men’s brand, but overtime it became clear that we needed a women’s range too.

So together, student fashion designer Harriet McHugh and I set about creating the range. We thought about what we like to wear; as women; what our friends wear and what different women of different ages like to wear for the inspiration behind the products.

During the initial designing stages for the collection we decided to keep the colour palette fairly monochrome, allowing the products to be dressed up or dressed down.

We constantly experiment with new designs and styles responding to the trends of the time and what our customers like the most; the collection features Ushiwear UW crop tops. They are perfect for layering, especially over a contrasting Ushiwear vest.

The ‘True Yorkshire’ sweatshirt is a product that we are particularly proud of from the women’s range. It was the first time we had experimented with decorative, feminine prints. The finished product is very pretty and unique sweatshirt and has proved very popular with our customers.

The Sky Bull sweatshirt was particularly fun to create, the bright blue Ushiwear bull looks quite striking on the muted grey background and over jeans it gives off an effortlessly cool look.

Currently, we’re working on developing the women’s joggers which are close to being completed now, so watch this space.

We are very proud of the women’s range we have developed, but we are aware that lots of our female customers love the men’s range too so our next step is creating a unisex range of jumpers and sweatshirts in a selection of colours and designs, to please all!

And finally, hot off the press, the Ushiwear harlequin hoodies are BACK! We will be showcasing the new designs at the Telegraph Ski and Snow Show North in October – see our events page for more details.

Love Jilly and Harriet x