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Becoming Ushiwear

The early days of creating a brand are difficult for anybody. Establishing a name, locating premises, sourcing materials and finding trusted partners that got ‘it’; whatever ‘it’ might be. For me though, it was the logo that caused me the most trouble.

Whilst I would normally call myself a pretty decisive person, this was different. I found myself really needing to discuss things with those I know and trust, so it perhaps won’t come as much of a shock that the name, Ushi, was decided on following much procrastination and, finally, a discussion with a close friend back in 2008.

Looking back it was pretty obvious, what with my name being Jilly Kapusi (pronounced Kap-Ushi). What can I say!

Job done, you would think! Except it wasn’t. And for an experienced designer with a passion for all things ‘quirky’, I went on to face by biggest challenge to date. Deciding on a logo.

For more than a year I felt as though I was going round, and around in circles. Talking myself in and out of ideas and potential images. Then all of a sudden, completely out of the blue, I spotted the missing link.

I was attending the Grand Designs Exhibition, which in 2009 was hosted at ExCel Arena, when I found myself stood in front of this very old yet quite magnificent wall mount in the shape of an Ox’s head. I had a sort of epiphany, I guess. A brief but very vivid moment of realisation, in which the final piece of the Ushi puzzle fell in to place.

I later learnt that the item on display was a Shamans headdress; and after discovering that it was also the Chinese Year of the Ox AND bearing in mind that my Zodiac sign was a Taurus (The Bull) I was pretty sold on taking that incredible, mesmerising image as our logo.

And so, with my husband and business partner Neil by my side Ushiwear was created. A distinctly, brilliantly British brand that encapsulates everything we are and everything we like!

Finally, after what felt like forever, my brand was born.