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AW at Ushiwear

Autumn is our absolute favourite season here at Ushiwear. We can finally put on our cosy hoodies, the scenery is beautiful and there are a whole host of events we look forward to in the last three months of the year. But not only this, autumn fashion to die for!

We’ve added some new items to the Ushiwear store for AW15, two hoodies and a sweatshirt.

Back by popular demand is the ‘Sweat it Out’ sweatshirt in marl grey. It’s a simple design but one that has proved to be a winner with the Ushiwear Tribe. Pair with black jeans for a relaxed yet fashionable look.

We have also added two hoodies to the AW15 range, the orange nautical and the black noir hoodies. Both are made with super soft, fleece-lined material making them warm and comfortable.

The orange nautical hoodies are hand-printed with a white design featuring the Ushiwear bulls head logo. The Union Jack image and ‘English Originals’ slogan epitomises Ushiwear as a brand, one that is brilliantly British.

The noir hoodie is a design we have wanted to bring to life for a while. Sophisticated and understated, black has the ability to look smart even on a hoodie.

The beauty of hoodies and sweatshirts is that they are effortless, throw them over any outfit and you can make an instant statement in seconds. Wear them to walk, bike, hike, ski, play, love, laugh and live life to the full.

We can’t wait for our next photo shoot to bring the new products to life over the next few months, keep your eyes peeled!

Love Jilly xx