So here’s the stitch…

This month, myself Tom and the rest of the Ushi production team have been working incredibly hard to bring our new range one step closer to being released to the world, reaching the all-important major milestone of confirming our new branding; a refreshed, very clean and utterly sharp logo to bring us into 2017.

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Ushi by the Sea

Anyone who knows us here at Ushi HQ will know that we are always up for an adventure. Whether it’s packing up the camper van and heading to Glastonbury to collect discarded tents to turn into coats, or setting off in torrential rain to set up stall at a show in a (inevitably very muddy) field in the middle of nowhere.

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Ushiwear: Like a (em)BOSS

Here at Ushiwear HQ we’ve been spending a lot of time planning for the next chapter of our story, and from the response we’ve had from all of our fab friends and fans on social media it looks like you are all ready to see what we have in store!

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