Ushi at VW Festival

We’re just getting back into the swing of things after a fantastic and (mostly) sunny weekend at VW Festival. A cracking few days filled with cars and music; and we’re delighted to say we made some brilliant news friends, and welcomed some new members to the Ushi Tribe.

Our VW Festival journey started pretty early – 6am Friday morning, to be precise – when we packed up our very own Ushi VW van and set off to Harewood House in Leeds. It’s an event we’ve always wanted to attend both personally and professionally, so we had been looking forward to it for months.
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Coming up at Ushi…

Wow, what a busy but exciting few months it’s been at Ushi. To all our new customers and followers, thankyou, and welcome to the Ushi tribe!

You may have noticed a few changes around here. Yep, that’s right, we’ve had a bit of a spring clean and launched our brand spanking new site. After months of hard work (and many more months’ deliberation) we were ready to reveal the new look Ushi web to the world… And we love it! Read more

Becoming Ushiwear

The early days of creating a brand are difficult for anybody. Establishing a name, locating premises, sourcing materials and finding trusted partners that got ‘it’; whatever ‘it’ might be. For me though, it was the logo that caused me the most trouble.

Whilst I would normally call myself a pretty decisive person, this was different. I found myself really needing to discuss things with those I know and trust, so it perhaps won’t come as much of a shock that the name, Ushi, was decided on following much procrastination and, finally, a discussion with a close friend back in 2008. Read more